Health Education

A healthy lifestyle not only includes, eating, breathing, meditating, sleeping and exercising correctly but also needs to include understanding the human body and its ailments. 

Radiation risk from medical imaging:

12-Step Lifestyle Health Plan:

Get your daily D.O.S.E of good hormones:

Using the mammalian dive reflex to calm down:

Foundations of evolutionary biology - mismatch diseases: 

The vagus nerve:

Know your skin ailment:

Know your digestive ailment:

Understanding blood tests:

Altitude, oxygen levels and oximetry: 

Possible long term effect of diabetes and the correct diet and lifestyles changes needed to prevent them:

Cytokines and stress

What are those eye floaters?

Are you on medication? - Do you know its NNT value?

Cytokines, pain and inflammation:

Cytokines and the immunomodulatory function of the vagus nerve:

Have you heard of the Gut-brain axis?

Vagus nerve and the Gut-brain axis:

HPA Axis - Long term stress response: 

The vagus nerve and anxiety:

The Bruce effect